Bachelorette Sun Visor Package


Get the Bachelorette Sun Visor Package for your bachelorette bash! Shiny, holographic, customized names option, and sun protection in one stylish accessory. Let the fun shine on!

See what's included:

This package accommodates for the Leading Lady plus her fabulous crew of 10 (11 total visors).

Choose between our Bride and Babe visors or get your visors personalized!

All visors are a pink holographic with white trim. One size fits most.

Need more than 11?

  • Visit Our Shop and ‘add to cart’ the amount of hats you need and the colors you need them in.
  • On the checkout page, for shipping options select the option below then finish your purchase.
  • Brides and Baches Package Extras – This option is for adding extras to your theme package. No shipping is available for this option.
  • Once completed all the hats you purchased will be setup with your theme package on your purchased arrival date.

Choosing Personalized Names?

After purchase you’ll be receiving an email asking for the names of everyone in your bach crew.

We’ll need this information sent back to us 4 weeks prior to your arrival date booking.

Things change and we understand! We’ll do everything in our power if any names change within the 4 weeks to get the visor customized.

Introducing the fabulous Brides and Baches Bachelorette Sun Visor Package – the ultimate accessory for your bachelorette party in the sun! Get ready to turn heads and shield those gorgeous faces with these shiny holographic sun visors designed just for you and your squad.

Each visor is adorned with bride, babe or have it customized to add a touch of glam and personalization to your bridal crew’s ensemble. The bride’s visor features an eye catching shine that proudly declares her status as the leading lady of the festivities. And let’s not forget about the babes! The matching visors for the bridesmaids are equally adorable, ensuring everyone feels like a part of the fun-filled gang.

These visors not only make a fashion statement but also offer practical protection from the sun’s rays. Whether you’re lounging by the pool at Maya day club, exploring the beach, or hitting the town, these stylish sun visors will keep you cool and shaded while showcasing your squad’s unity.

With their vibrant colors and playful designs, these visors are the perfect complement to your bachelorette party outfits. They’re lightweight, adjustable, and incredibly comfortable to wear, so you can focus on celebrating and creating lifelong memories without any hassle.

So, grab your squad, slip on these enchanting visors, and get ready to shine like the radiant bride and babes that you are. Let the sun, fun, and unforgettable moments begin!

Customer Reviews


Super comfortable and cute. We were so happy to have these visors as it was super sunny and warm at the Maya pool club. Loved them!


Loved that they all had our names on them. The attention to detail was amazing and these visors were really comfy and were easy enough to fold into our bags when we weren’t using them.

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