Create Your Own Bachelorette Party

Our Create Your Own Bachelorette Party Option adds an extra level of excitement customized for the bride to be! Get ready because this stunning bachelorette theme package is guaranteed to take your tribes’ breath away at your destination bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona – the nations hottest bachelorette destination!

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Better Than Basic B

Main Theme Backdrop (colors and styles depend on theme):
– Shimmer wall
– Balloon garland combo
– Custom Theme Neon Sign

Brides Room:
– Bride balloons
– Welcome pack of slippers, veil and bride sash

Table Top Decor:
– Themed confetti
– Custom Theme Straws
– Themed cookies
– Custom Theme Koozies
– Themed tumblers (rental bride + 10)
– Bride straw and bride sunglasses
– Themed napkins

– Two large premium pool floats

Free Thank You Gift*:
– Casamigos Tequila
– Branded shotglasses

**Items may vary depending on the theme you choose.

Want More?

Take a look at our Boujee B Package on the next tab!

Main Theme Backdrop:
– Shimmer wall custom color
– Balloon garland, color of your choice
– Neon Sign

Scottsdale Themed Backdrop:
– Moongate or streamer wall backdrop
– Custom balloon garland colors
– “Scottsdale” Neon Sign

Brides Room:
– Bride balloons
– Welcome pack of slippers, sleep mask and bride sash
– Baby bottle of champagne and glitter kit

Tabletop Decor:
– Custom theme confetti + mini disco balls
– Custom Party tumblers (rental x 10)
– Bride straw
– Bride sunglasses
– Bride crew sunglasses (10)
– Themed cookies
– Themed napkins
– Table top neon sign

– Three large pool floats
– One engagement ring pool float
– Engagement Ring cup holder pool floats

Hangover recover kit for Bride and Crew (10)

Ring light rental

Welcome sign on easel + helium balloons

Free Thank You Gift*:
– Casamigos Tequila
– Branded shotglasses


Create Your Own Bachelorette Party

Unleash Your Creativity

Dreaming of a unique bachelorette party that perfectly reflects the bride’s personality and style? Our “Create Your Own Bachelorette Party” package offers the ultimate flexibility to design a custom theme. Whether it’s “Margs & Matrimony” with a fun, festive flair or “Mountains and Mimosas” for an elegant, nature-inspired celebration, the possibilities are endless.

Personalized Experience

We understand that every bride is unique. This is why we offer a personalized approach to party planning. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand the bride’s interests, preferences, and dreams, ensuring every aspect of the party is tailored to your liking.

Stunning Scottsdale Setting

Host your party in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes. From luxurious resorts to lively nightlife and scenic desert views, Scottsdale provides the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary bachelorette celebration.

Endless Entertainment Options

Scottsdale is bursting with activities to suit every taste. Indulge in spa treatments, explore the desert landscapes, enjoy gourmet dining, or dance the night away at exclusive clubs. With our Concierge Services whatever your party’s vibe, Brides and Baches delivers.

Hassle-Free Planning

Our Packages combined with our Concierge Service includes comprehensive planning support to ensure a seamless experience. From venue selection and decoration to arranging transportation and activities, we handle the details so you can focus on celebrating.

Memorable Moments

A bachelorette party in Scottsdale is more than just a celebration; it’s an experience filled with laughter, bonding, and unforgettable moments. Our “Create Your Own Bachelorette Party” package promises to deliver a celebration that the bride and her tribe will cherish forever.

Get Started Today!

Ready to plan the ultimate bachelorette party and have more questions? Contact us to begin crafting a custom, once-in-a-lifetime celebration in the heart of Scottsdale’s vibrant scene. Your dream bachelorette party awaits!


Create your bachelorette party from scratch with our gorgeous bachelorette packages tailored for any budget:

Better Than Basic B

For those seeking a wonderful experience that provides great value for their dollar, the Better Than Basic Bach package is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the following fabulous inclusions:

What's Included

Photo Backdrop

Strike a pose against a shimmering wall backdrop adorned with a mesmerizing balloon garland or choose from our elegant Moongate backdrop or our fun Streamer Wall.

Brides Room Decor

Treat the bride-to-be to a series of charming surprises that will add a special touch to her celebration. Our package includes elegant bride-themed balloons and a welcoming gift pack complete with cozy slippers, a stylish veil, and a chic bride sash. You can select from options of Gold, Pink, or Silver to add a personal and distinct flair that resonates with the bride's style.

Table Top Decor

The ideas are endless. From Disco Ball Tumblers to color changing cups, there are plenty of options to choose from. We'll customize your party cookies to match your theme and colors along with the rest of the decor for your party.

Poolside Fun

Lounge in style with two large FunBoy pool floats, adding a touch of glamour to your poolside festivities.

Boujee Bach

Searching for the ultimate, extravagant bachelorette celebration? Prepare to elevate your experience with our Boujee B option, designed to take your party excitement to the next level! This option not only includes all the amazing elements of the Better Than Basic B package but also offers even more thrilling additions. Here’s a glimpse of the extraordinary experiences that await you:

What's Included

Intstaworthy Backrop Upgrades

Seize those Instagram-worthy shots with an extra beautifully crafted wall backdrop adorned with a breathtaking balloon garland. Elevate the atmosphere further with a deluxe backdrop option, which includes a themed circular backdrop, a balloon garland in your selected colors, and an eye-catching "Scottsdale" neon sign, adding an extra layer of charm and elegance to your photo moments.

Brides Room Surprises

Enhance the bride's special day with premium bride balloons, a luxurious welcome pack featuring comfortable slippers, an elegant veil, and a stylish bride sash. Add a touch of glamour with a mini bottle of champagne accompanied by a glitter kit, providing an extra sparkle to the celebration.

Premium Decor

Get Boujee with additions such as LED Cowgirl Hats, Bride and Crew sunglasses, table top neon signs and much more!

Upgraded Extras!

Take your celebration up a notch with additional features like a ring light rental for flawless selfies, a personalized welcome sign complete with an easel and balloons, and tailor-made hangover kits for the bride and her entourage (up to 10 members).

Outdoor Bliss

Soak up the sun or revel by the pool with our collection of four unique and premium pool floats, designed to make your outdoor moments truly memorable.

Prepare to unleash the fun, dance your heart out, and revel in elegance with a bachelorette theme tailored just for you! Embark on a journey to create unforgettable memories at your destination bachelorette party amidst the lively and picturesque setting of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thank You Gift*

As a special token of appreciation for you and your crew, savor the deliciousness of Casamigos Tequila, complemented by shot glasses featuring the Bride and Baches branding.

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