Glam Pink Picture Wall


Create a unique and heartfelt experience with the bachelorette with our Glam Pink Picture Wall. Share special moments on a wall of super cute photo frames.

See what's included:

Our beautiful Glam Pink Picture Wall has 7 different picture frames that will show off memories of the bachelorette and her tribe. You supply the images to us and we’ll have them printed and placed in each frame.

After your purchase you’ll be sent an email with specific image sizes and quantities along with best image quality practices to make sure your photo wall is perfect for your celebration.

Sometimes a little bit of old school is the way to go, and the Brides and Baches Glam Pink Picture Wall allows the whole crew to share their special memories of times with the bride in a way that is way more personal than an Instagram Story could ever be!

With a variety of colourful pink retro frames, this addition to your chosen theme would be the perfect surprise, and a great way to bring you all together in a creating something unique and personal that will surely never be forgotten. We love helping you make glorious memories with the ones you love, and with this personal touch you’re going to bring a tear to the bride’s eyes. Just share your images in advance and we’ll take care of the rest, the bride is in for a wonderful surprise!

Not only will your party be wowed by the beauty of the Disco Ball Tower, but it’s also the perfect backdrop for your Instagram and social media photos. Your followers will be blown away by the extra glamor and x-factor that you’ll be adding to all of your pictures.

So if you want to make a statement at your celebration, consider adding our Disco Ball Tower to your theme package. With its show-stopping appearance and social media appeal, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

Customer Reviews


I absolutely loved this picture wall. I wanted to take it home with me and keep it as a permanent wall!


This picture is a must. It was such a sweet touch to have our pictures all up there together, so emotional I almost cried!

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