The Great Outdoors: Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Adventures

Plan unforgettable Scottsdale bachelorette party adventures with Brides and Baches. Discover stunning hikes, river tubing, and party boat fun. Create cherished memories today!

There are plenty of reasons to come to Scottsdale, but one of them is undeniably the gorgeous weather and the breathtaking scenery which not only is something for you to admire, but also is the most amazing backdrop for group photos. What better way to take advantage of that than to head outdoors with your bach crew and partake on some Scottsdale Bachelorette Adventures.

Outdoor Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Adventures

Best Scottsdale Hikes

Camelback Mountain

There are countless amazing hikes in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, but the most famous is undoubtedly Camelback. Whilst it’s not an easy hike, it is the most popular and we’d definitely advise against newbies doing it or even those seriously afraid of heights, it offers amazing views of the valley, with plenty of photo ops along the way. The Camelback Mountain hike is not for those who don’t like crowds. Its proximity to Old Town Scottsdale, Biltmore and Arcadia makes this the most central hike with the best views.

Gateway Loop

If you’re looking for a hike that’s not quite as crowded then the Gateway Loop Trail, a short drive north of Old Town, is a fantastic option. Gateway Loop Trail is a part of the McDowell Sonoran trail system. There are hikes for just about anyone and you can pick shorter hikes from this trailhead if needed. Gateway Loop Trail itself is a moderate 4.5 mile hike, with gorgeous views, this hike gives you a great outdoor experience, and a perfect taste of Arizona.

Toms Thumb

If a challenge is what you are looking for then Toms Thumb Trail is the trail for you. With multiple lookout points up to about 4000′ above sea level, you get the perfect view of the entire valley. With 2500′ of elevation gain and gets quite steep at times, this hike is considered extremely challenging so please be prepared for quite a workout.

Helpful Tip:

Trails in the Scottsdale area are all amazingly equipped with detailed maps to take along with you and volunteers will answer any questions you have. Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for your whole crew and wear plenty of spf any time of year. We also don’t recommend hiking in the heat of summer, it gets toasty out there and we want to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe hike. If you hear thunder, it’s best to head back as quickly as possible. Arizona storms come very quickly and pour down at onset.

Salt River Tubing

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book all your salt river tubing needs.

For one of the most relaxed ways to spend a day, join the Salt River Tubing Co for a float down the Salt River. They’ll provide the tubes, drop off and pick up from the meeting point, and for a small added fee even have a tube option for your drinks cooler. Not only is this a gorgeous way to enjoy a day in the sunshine, but if luck is on your side you may be fortunate to see the wild horses that roam the area enjoying a dip in the water.

Party Boat on Lake Pleasant

Let Brides and Baches book your Party Boat.

Enjoy an amazing day out on the lake on the Pink Taco Party Barge. With a concert style stereo system, diving board, and cute pink slide, this double decker party barge is an amazing place to spend a glorious afternoon in the sunshine.  

Both tubing on the Salt River, and the Pink Taco party barge are BYOB adventures, so let Brides and Baches hook you up in advance by delivering your alcohol, and a cooler if requested, to your AirBnB before your adventure begins.

The Final Roundup

Scottsdale, with its stunning weather and breathtaking scenery, provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable bachelorette adventures. As you plan your trip, keep all of these exciting outdoor activities in mind. 

When planning your Scottsdale getaway, Brides and Baches’ Fairy Bachmother is ready to make your experience seamless with our exceptional concierge services. Our top priority is ensuring the bride and her crew create exciting memories, guaranteeing that no matter where you choose to celebrate, it will be a weekend to cherish.

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