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Frequently Asked Questions


The earlier the better! We would recommend booking as soon as you have booked your AirBNB/VRBO, to ensure that the theme and booking time you prefer are still available. If you don’t know the rental address at time of booking, please just provide the link to the listing so we have an idea as to where the property is located.

The packages cater for eleven people, except for the ‘Two Brides are Better than One’ theme which caters for twelve.

Absolutely, please just add the number of items you want from our ‘Table Accessories’ add on page. Please note that cookies can only be ordered by the dozen. 

If you’re adding guests after you’ve made your original booking, then please just reach out to us at, so we can add to the package for you.

If the items are listed under the add-on section then please feel free to add those at the time of booking, however anything not available via those pages is not available to book with the ‘Not So Basic Bach’ package.

You can always contact us to see what we can do. We strive to make sure you get everything you need and want!

There are a handful of our customized products available on our Shop Page, if you’d like to submit an order please do so via there. All other items can only be booked when you book a package with us.

If you booked a package, then please select “Brides and Baches Package Extras” below the shipping address please include the name your package is booked under and date of arrival in the section “Notes and Special Information (optional)“. The items will be set out at the property during our set-up process. 

Items we can set-out include, for example, face signs of the groom/bride, gift bags (provided they are already packaged up), and photo props. Due to time constraints, we won’t be able to add any extra decor items. However, if you like to add that decor yourself, please feel free to send it to us and we can hold it and leave it at the property for you when we are setting up.

If you’re purchasing our kitchen stocking package, then you’ll need to submit your shopping cart at no more than seven days and no less than 72 hours before your arrival. Please select the store closest to your property, and select the earliest pick up time available on your day of arrival. The contact information you provide on your order (name, email address, phone number and date of birth) should match the information you provided when booking your service with us. 

If you’re unsure as to the closest Fry’s store then please contact us so we can confirm for you. 

Once you’ve completed your booking please send a confirmation email with the details of the store, date and time of the order to

Please check the receipt to confirm which items you were charged for, if the item was charged for but not received then please contact the Fry’s directly so that they can address the issue for you. If the item wasn’t charged for then it was out of stock at the time the grocery order was packed.


Brides and Baches operates within a designated service area (“Service Area”), which includes the area bounded by Highway 51 (Piestewa) to the West, Loop 101 Highway (Pima) to the East, Loop 202 Highway (Red Mountain) to the South, and Loop 101 (Pima) to the North.

That’s ok! We do have to charge a fee of $175 if within 30 miles and $200 for up to 40 miles of our Scottsdale, AZ service area. 

If you’re not sure about how far your location is please reach out to us at, so we can make sure we can get to your location on your specific date. 

Yes we do! Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Southern California  are all locations we service at this time. Our prices are different for each location so please reach out to us at, so we can make sure we can get your accurate pricing according to your location on your specific date. 

If your location is found to be outside the designated Service Area or if the location is changed after being communicated to Brides and Baches, an additional minimum travel fee of $175 may apply, and the setup time may need to be adjusted. Brides and Baches will promptly notify you within 24 business hours of receiving the final location regarding any additional fees or changes to the setup time.

Please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help. 

Setup & Cleanup

We aim to get our set-up completed in under an hour. Depending on your package, this may take up to two hours.

We’ll certainly aim to complete set-up before your arrival, it’s all dependent on your confirmed check-in time at the property, or if we are able to agree with the host to enter a bit earlier. If it’s a must have for the set-up to be completed before your arrival, then we suggest booking the AirBNB/VRBO from the evening before, and confirming our availability. We can also complete set-up whilst you’re out and about exploring Scottsdale, or if necessary whilst you’re in the property.

We’ll arrive at the property any time between 7am and 9am and check out time on the day of your departure, in order to break-down the theme decor, clear away pool floats, and any additional package rental items. 

To ensure a speedy process, and to avoid any disruption to your day, it’d be fantastic if you could please help with a couple of items:

◊ Remove the bride balloons from the bedroom, and place in the living room area

◊ Gather all of your table decor items in one spot, including any rental cups, cowboy hats etc, and place them on/by the Brides and Baches tray. 

◊ Remove the Brides and Baches pool floats from the pool, and unplug the valves so that they can deflate naturally. To identify our pool floats please just look for the Brides and Baches logo on the underside of the float. 

As soon as you have the address and entry code please email us with those details at, and provide a phone number that we can text you on to confirm when we have left the property.

You don’t need to be there, please just ensure we have the address and entry code for the property in advance.

Payments & Cancellations

Payment for your full package, and any add-ons, is required at the time of booking. 

Please review our cancellation policies here: Cancelation Policy.

We’re very happy to accommodate date changes, subject to availability. There will be no fee charged

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