Customize Your Dream Bachelorette Party

Create an unforgettable hen party with unique themes and delightful add-ons at a discount. Customize your dream bachelorette party now!

See what's included:
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Main Theme Backdrop (colors and styles depend on theme):
– Shimmer wall
– Balloon garland combo
– Custom Theme Neon Sign

Brides Room:
– Bride balloons
– Welcome pack of slippers, veil and bride sash

Table Top Decor:
– Themed confetti
– Custom Theme Straws
– Themed cookies
– Custom Theme Koozies
– Themed tumblers (rental bride + 10)
– Bride straw and bride sunglasses
– Themed napkins

– Two large premium pool floats

Free Thank You Gift*:
– Casamigos Tequila
– Branded shotglasses

**Items may vary depending on the theme you choose.

Want More?

Take a look at our Boujee B Package on the next tab!

Main Theme Backdrop:
– Theme colored shimmer wall
– Balloon garland combo
– Custom Theme Neon Sign

Scottsdale Themed Backdrop:
– Themed Circle Moongate or Tassel Wall*
– Extra balloon garland
– 2nd Theme Neon Sign

Brides Room:
– Bride balloons
– Welcome pack of slippers, veil and bride sash
– Bubbles Glitter Kit

Tabletop Decor:
– Theme confetti + accoutrements
– Theme tumblers (rental Bride + 10)
– Bride straw
– Bride sunglasses
– Bride crew sunglasses (10)
– Custom Theme Koozies
– Themed cookies
– Themed napkins
– Shimmer Cowgirl Hats*
– Table top neon sign
– Dry Floral arrangement*

– Four large premium pool floats
– Inflatable cooler

Hangover recover kit for Bride + Crew (10)

Ring light rental

Welcome sign on easel + balloon garland

Free Thank You Gift*:
– Casamigos Tequila
– Branded shotglasses

**Items may vary depending on the theme you choose.

Your Dream Bachelorette Party

Unique Themes and Enhancements

Are you ready to create the most unforgettable dream bachelorette party ever? Look no further! Explore our selection of four amazing bachelorette party themes, and add some extra cuteness with our delightful add-ons. Let’s dive into the options:


Personalize your bachelorette party with our Better Than Basic B and Boujee B Packages for each of our themes, created to suit budgets of all sizes

Disco Cowgirl

Embrace the wild wild west with the added bling of shiny disco balls. Picture sequined cowgirl hats, glittery boots, and a Bach party that you’ll never forget. It’s a unique and playful choice for a bride-to-be who wants to have a boot-stompin’ good time!

Boho Bach

Immerse yourself in bohemian vibes with flower crowns, dreamcatchers, and flowing dresses. This boho-chic theme is perfect for the free-spirited bride who loves nature and whimsical wonders.

Scottsdale Before The Veil

Indulge in sophistication and luxury with poolside cocktails, spa retreats, and fabulous shopping sprees. Elevate your celebration to new heights and pamper the bride-to-be in style.

Viva La Bach

Get ready to spice up the celebration with a vibrant and energetic fiesta! Immerse yourself in colorful decorations and enjoy the cutest fringe fiesta photo backdrop. All you need to do is add margaritas to bring out the fun-loving spirit of your Bach Squad! Let loose and create unforgettable memories during this lively celebration!


Create the celebration you want! What’s a better away to celebrate than to have a one-of-a-kind party for the bride to be. From custom balloon and shimmer wall colors to mimosa bars, margarita bars or shotski’s with the brides name, you imagine it and we create it all. 

Don't See The Theme You Want?

That's Ok! We'll work with you to create the perfect theme just for you!

But That's Not All!

Enhance your chosen theme with our adorable add-ons at a discounted price:

Champagne Wall

Raise a glass in style with a glamorous champagne wall, creating beautiful memories as you pop bottles with your friends. Choose between our Classic Yellow or show your Rosé love with our Classic Pink wall.

Naughty Package

Indulge in a touch of mischief with our naughty package, filled with cheeky surprises that add a playful twist to your bachelorette celebration.

Bachelorette Shirt Packages

Show off your Bach pride with your tribe with matching shirts. From Brides and Babes to customized concert tour themed shirts. We have it all.

Bachelorette Hat Packages

It is sunny in Scottsdale, so what better to protect yourself from the sun with a Bach Crew hats or personalized holographic sun visors.

Glam Pink Picture Wall

Capture picture-perfect moments with a fabulous pink picture wall. Strike a pose with props, letting the selfies flow in this Instagram-worthy setting.

Don't Forget

Every theme and enhancement can be customized to create the perfect ambiance for your dream bachelorette celebration. Let’s make this a night to remember, filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories!

Start customizing your dream bachelorette party now and make it an event your friends will talk about for years to come!

A Special Thank You Gift*

As a special thank you to you and your crew, delight in the luxurious touch of Casamigos Tequila, accompanied by branded shot glasses from Bride and Baches.

Customer Reviews


I absolutely loved our disco Bach party! Thank you for making this so wonderful!


Everything was set up for us when we walked in the door. I loved everything especially the personalized gifts! My girls are all doing this when they get married!

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