Kitchen Stocking


Save yourself the hassle of grocery shopping and elevate your bachelorette party or celebration with our Kitchen Stocking service. Arrive at your vacation rental to find a fully stocked kitchen, effortlessly prepared by our dedicated team.

How it works:

Add To Cart if you are just wanting a Kitchen Stocking service. You can choose the date you need our service on the Checkout calendar.

OR if you are going to book a package: 

– You’ll book your celebration package and add the Kitchen Stocking Add-On to your package. You’ll also choose the date and time of your arrival at checkout.

– Within 1 week of your arrival you’ll place a pickup order at the local Fry’s Supermarket or the Albertsons closest to your home vacation rental. You’ll choose ready by 8am on the date we are scheduled to decorate your vacation rental. Do not choose anything later than noon.

– We’ll pick up your order, deliver and stock everything away perfectly so you can walk in to your vacation rental and enjoy!

Standalone service: $150
Discounted rate as an add-on to decorating: $120
Cost of items not included
Must be 21 years of age or older

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Introducing our Kitchen Stocking Service

One of the most popular services offered by our bachelorette party concierge, our Kitchen Stocking service ensures that your vacation rental’s kitchen is fully stocked and ready for your arrival. Say goodbye to grocery shopping and hello to convenience!

A Seamless and Hassle-Free Process

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our Kitchen Stocking service. Simply add it to your celebration package during the booking process and select your desired date and arrival time for a personalized experience.

Easy Grocery Pickup

Within one week before your arrival, place and pay for a pickup order at either the local Fry’s Supermarket or the nearest Albertsons. Make sure your order is ready by 8am and no later than noon on the day you are booked for our decorating services (please avoid selecting a time after noon).

Expertly Stocked for Your Convenience

Leave the rest to our dedicated team. We’ll pick up your grocery order, promptly deliver it to your vacation rental, and expertly stock everything away. Imagine stepping into your vacation rental to find a fully stocked kitchen, complete with all your favorite treats and essentials.

Say goodbye to grocery shopping and heavy bags. With our Kitchen Stocking service, you can relax and start celebrating immediately. Focus on creating unforgettable memories with your friends while we take care of the details.

Trust us to kickstart your bachelorette party or celebration with a well-stocked kitchen that caters to your culinary desires. Start your hassle-free experience today!

Customer Reviews


So convenient we asked them to deliver and stock two more times!! Thank you so much for making everything so easy for us.


So happy we decided to add the kitchen stocking to our package. It was so handy and easy, we didn’t have to think about drinks and food when we arrived. I want to hire whoever stocked my fridge for my home!

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