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With our beautiful sunny skies and the delightful Sonoran Desert as our playground, we offer a gorgeous setting for all kinds of outdoor escapades. From delightful hikes and breath-taking hot air balloon rides to sweet tubing on the Salt River and exciting off-road expeditions, there’s a whole lot of fun awaiting you in Scottsdale. Even if you’re a complete newbie, worry not! We partner with lovely professional guides and outfitters that will make sure you have amazing experiences while indulging in the finest outdoor activities in town.

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Renowned for its outdoor lifestyle, Phoenix and Scottsdale has everything to provide you with exciting experiences and adventures. Book a consultation so we can plan the adventure you deserve.

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book all your special event needs.

From special events such Spring Training, Barrett Jackson, Bike Week, Phoenix Open, Cocktail Week, Cinco De Mayo, Arabian Horse Show, and so much more. Amongst the major events Phoenix and Scottsdale host a plethora of food and wine festivals throughout the year. Let us help you secure a spot at any of these events. 

Special Events

Arizona Experiences

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book the Scottsdale Tractor for your party today.

The Scottsdale Tractor operates Scottsdale’s Only Tractor Party Wagons. They are the only rolling tractor truck driven fun where you get non-stop partying and dancing for 65 minutes!

Yeehaw! When it comes to partying big, Scottsdale Tractor know how to do it and that’s why they named their wagon BIG SEXY! No need to go all over the city to get your drinks when they are BYOB friendly.

Scottsdale Tractor

Preferred Partner

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book all your salt river tubing needs.

If there is one thing someone who lives here will ask your group it’s, “Have you gone tubing down the Salt River?”. One of the most fun relaxing ways to soak in the Arizona Sun as you watch wild horses drink from the Salt River. Float down the river with your crew with beverage in hand while getting that tan. Let us arrange your outdoor adventure while you enjoy the scenery.

Salt River Tubing

Outdoor Adventure

Our concierge service works to book the best restaurants and bars such as the pedal pub crawl.

Enjoy your next big day or night out on Scottsdale’s #1 pedal pub crawl experience! With a rockin’ sound system, LED party lights, an electric helper motor, VIP drinks specials and cut-the-line access at our bar partners, and adult beverages from our store allowed on board, the party bike is perfect for partying with your friends, celebration parties and bachelorette parties, days and nights out, special events or just for fun!

Pedal Bike Pub Crawl

Old Town Experience

Book one of Brides and Baches Experiences and Adventures

When you join a Pink Adventure Tour, you enter a story that takes you off-road and behind the scenes of some of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet. All at your fingertips in Arizona!

Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona Outdoor Adventures

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book your hiking tour today.

Boasting some of the country’s most beautiful trails, a hike in Arizona is not to be missed. From the ultra popular Camelback to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, we can procure you a tour on whichever hike your heart desires. 

Hiking Tours

Outdoor Adventure

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book the Champagne Train for your group today.

The only company in the valley that has a full service bar onboard with a bartender. The Champagne Train will take your group on an unforgettable experience that is perfect for any occasion: a night out on the town, bachelorette parties, group getaways, or corporate events. 

Their bartenders will make your group chic cocktails, take photos, and provide a fun experience while being driven to some of Scottsdale’s hottest bars or restaurants. All trips can be customized for your group!

Champagne Train

Old Town Experience

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book an ATV Tour for your group today.

Join Desert Dog and enjoy the beauty of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert in one of their 2022 ATV Sand Buggies through some challenging desert trails. Drive off the beaten path and witness the gorgeous Arizona desert in all its glory.

ATV Tours

Outdoor Adventure

Get up close and personal with your host, Diva Drag Queen and her guest drag queen divas such as Madonna, Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, Liza Minnelli, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, Sia, Brittany Spears, Beyonce, and many other celebrity impersonators (specific celebrity drag queens vary location and date).

Drag Queen Show


Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book a party boat for your group today.

Music blasting, drinks flowing, dancing, waterslides, water trampolines, Yes Please! We book you on some of the most exciting party boats you and your party can handle. We’ll walk you through all the options to best choose the right package for you and your crew. 

Party Boats

Outdoor Adventure

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book the Dolly Boat for your group today.

From scenic cruises to dinner cruises, just sit back, relax and take in the gorgeous views of Canyon Lake! During this one-and-a-half-hour, six-mile cruise, you may see desert bighorn sheep, bald eagles and a host of other animals and local wildlife viewed from the decks of the Dolly! Discover why there’s more to Arizona than just desert on this spectacular Canyon Lake cruise. Book your Dolly steamboat cruise now, a beat the heat on our climate controlled lower and upper decks.

Dolly Steamboat

Outdoor Adventure

Brides and Baches are your premier concierge service to book a Scottsdale Bar Crawl for your group today.

From wine crawls to taco crawls, Old Town Scottsdale has it all. Depending on your arrival dates we give you all the info on what crawls are happening during your stay and which are the best ones, and then we book it all for you!

Scottsdale Bar Crawls

Old Town Experience

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