Boujee B Gift Bag Package


Discover the ultimate luxury in our Boujee B Gift Bag. Experience the delight of a personalized bag & tumbler with your party member names, a selection of Arizona local products including scented candles, sunscreen and other surprises. Unveil a world of opulence with this exquisite gift bag.

See what's included:

Our Boujee B Gift Bag Package accommodates for the Leading Lady plus her fabulous crew of 10 (11 total visors).

  • Pink Jelly or Jute Bag personalized with Bach party crew names
  • Tumbler customized with Bach Crew names
  • Brides and Baches custom scented candle from The Knotted Wick Candle Co.
  • Mini cactus soap from Naked Fig Soap
  • Arizona Sun 4 pack gift set
  • Freeze dried candy from Flying Cow
  • Ring pop
  • Hand folded fan
  • Eye Mask

Need more than 11?

  • Visit Our Shop and ‘add to cart’ the amount of bags you need.
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Introducing our Boujee B Gift Bag Package, an exquisite collection curated to perfection for bachelorette parties and special celebrations. This all-inclusive bag is designed to elevate your special celebration with a blend of elegance and functionality for you and your whole crew.

Boujee B Gift Bag Personalized For You

At the heart of this package is the personalized Bag, a true standout with its cute unique charm. Each bag is meticulously customized with the names of your celebration party crew, creating a cherished keepsake for everyone involved.

The highlight of this gift bag is the customized tumbler, a stunning feature that showcases individual names, making each member feel truly special. Sip your favorite beverages in style, stay hydrated in the Arizona heat, and enjoy the personal touch this tumbler brings to the occasion.

Arizona Local Products

To enhance your experience, we’ve included a selection of Arizona local products. Embrace the delightful aroma of scented candles, indulge in the nourishing benefits of Arizona Sun Balm, and shield your skin from the sun’s rays with their  SPF sunscreen. These local treasures add a touch of luxury and ensure your outdoor festivities are both enjoyable and well-protected.

For a playful and sweet treat, the gift bag features a delightful ring pop, infusing the celebration with a sense of joy and nostalgia. It’s a whimsical reminder of carefree moments and happy memories shared with loved ones.

To keep you cool and comfortable, we’ve added a charming poolside towel and a hand-folded fan to the bag. These stylish accessories provide a refreshing escape from the heat, while also adding an elegant touch to your ensemble. Stay cool and chic as you celebrate.

Every detail in this Gift Bag is thoughtfully considered, reflecting our commitment to create an unforgettable experience. It harmoniously combines personalized elements, practical items, and playful treats to ensure your bachelorette party or special celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

Give the gift of joy and celebration with our carefully curated Boujee B Gift Bag. It’s the perfect way to express your appreciation and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Elevate your event with this exceptional gift and let the festivities begin!

Customer Reviews


Our boujee gift bags went above and beyond my expectations. The personalized Bag and tumbler was a nice touch, the local Arizona products were amazing. Love that they are working with local brands we couldn’t get anywhere else!


That candle smells soo good! Never heard of the Arizona sunscreen but it feels amazing and smells great as well. Was super cute and we all loved our bags.

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