Hangover Kit


Get ready to live your best life and not regret it with our Hangover Kit. Packed with all the essentials, our cute pink medicine bottles ensure you’re always feeling your best. From pain relief to freshening up, we’ve got you covered.

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See what's included:

1 Pink Medicine Bottle with custom sticker label includes:

– Welly Bandaid

– Advil

– Makeup Wipe

– Mini Mentos

– Shout Stain Wipe

– Liquid IV

– Refreshing body wipe

– Scrunchie


Looking to buy more for a discount? Our Hangover Kit Package is the answer to buy for you the bride and her crew.

You’re going to be living your best life living it up so be ready with our Hangover Kit. Here at Brides and Baches we want to make sure you are always feeling your best and able to make the most of every moment. To make sure that happens, we have just the right prescription for you, our Hangover Kit!

Our cute pink little medicine bottles hold all the little pep you up and help you out items you could possibly need. Body feeling it from last night? Then pop an advil, drink an alka seltzer, or for an extra boost, a tasty Liquid IV.

Need a little bit of a freshen up? Then the make-up wipe, a deodorant wipe, or the fresh taste of mentos may be just what you need. Are your feet feeling the strain from dancing the night away? Then we have a bandaid ready to go for any cuts.

Last but not least, in case you had an oops moment and managed to get a stain on one of your cute outfits? Then the Tide wipe is ready to go!

Already included with our Boujee Bach packages as a package of 11, these Hangover Kits can be selected if you need extras for your Brides and Baches Celebration Package or maybe you love the way our kits look!

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