LED Space Cowgirl Hat Package


Saddle up your style with our LED Space Cowgirl Hat Package! This hat package is the perfect compliment to any of our Brides and Baches Party Themes. Giddy up Cowgirl and shine!

See what's included:

This package accommodates for the Leading Lady plus her fabulous crew of 10 (11 total).

– 1 White hat(for the bride to be or celebration host)

– 5 Pretty pink hats

– 5 Sparkly purple hats

All hats include:

– Two AA batteries included

– Hat will fit 22.5 inch to 24.5 inch circumference

3 Light up options included. Choose between blink, fast flash, and steady lights.

Simply flip the switch on the battery pack to choose the setting that best matches your activity. These fun light up options will make you the life of the party and will complete your Scottsdale Cowgirl look. This holographic hat will also grab attention with the lights off.

Need more than 11?

  • Visit Our Shop and ‘add to cart’ the amount of hats you need and the colors you need them in.
  • On the checkout page, for shipping options select the option below then finish your purchase.
  • Brides and Baches Package Extras – This option is for adding extras to your theme package. No shipping is available for this option.
  • Once completed all the hats you purchased will be setup with your theme package on your purchased arrival date.


Get ready to wrangle those Arizona Vibes with our dazzling LED Space Cowgirl Hat Package! These head-turning hats will have you strutting your style like a true fashionista. Whether you’re going for the cute Scottsdale look with cut-off jean shorts and a Brides and Baches t-shirt or glamming it up in a fabulous party dress, our light-up cowgirl hats are the perfect ride-along accessory and shine bright at night with the holographic hat material!

Available in pretty pink, sparkly purple, or dazzling white, these hats are more than just stylish. They’re a must-have for capturing unforgettable moments with your posse. Strike a pose in front of our trendy themed walls, show off your bull-riding skills at Buffallo Chip, or dance the night away at an Old Town club. Get ready to be the talk of the town, with heads turning everywhere you go.

And here’s the best part: you can take these hats home as cherished mementos, proudly displaying that you lived it up in Scottsdale, Arizona. Let your inner cowgirl shine, create memories that’ll make you giggle for years to come, and let the world know you’ve experienced the ultimate Scottsdale adventure! Saddle up, cowgirl! Yeehaw!

Customer Reviews


We loved these hats!!! I didn’t think I’d ever wear a cowboy hat but this was such a cool idea and it fit great.


In love with this hat, I couldn’t wait to bring it home and show it off. I had all my friends buy them as well!

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