Mountains and Mimosas Bachelorette Theme

Camp Bach is here with the Mountains and Mimosas Bachelorette Theme Celebration. Enjoy your Scottsdale Bachelorette Party with a mimosa bar, smores bar, a delicious cupcake tower and a insta-worthy setup!

See what's included:
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Better Than Basic B
Photo backdrop:
  • Shimmer wall backdrop with balloon garland
  • “She Said Yes!” Neon Sign
Brides Room:
  • Bride balloons
  • Welcome pack of slippers, veil and bride sash
Table Top Decor:
  • Mountains and Mimosas Theme Confetti
  • Theme tumbler rental (bride +10)
  • Mountains and Mimosas Cupcake Tower
  • Mimosa Bar with 3 Flavor Options (alcohol not included)
  • Smores Bar
  • Bride Straw and Bride Sunglasses
  • Gold Straws
  • Napkins
  • Two large FunBoy pool floats
Thank You Gift*:
  • Casamigos Tequila with Bride and Baches Branded shotglasses


*Purchaser Proof of legal age, Government ID required by separate email after purchase. 

Want More?

Take a look at our Boujee B Package on the next tab!

Photo backdrop:
  • Shimmer wall backdrop with balloon garland
  • “Scottsdale Before The Veil” Neon Sign
  • Moongate photo backdrop with premium balloon garland
  • “Scottsdale” Neon Sign
Brides Room:
  • Bride balloons
  • Welcome pack of slippers, veil and bride sash
  • Upgraded Bride veil instead of plain white veil
  • *Mini bottle of champagne and edible shimmer glitter
Table Top Decor:
  • Scottsdale Before The Veil theme confetti
  • Bride and Bride Tribe tumblers (the bride plus 10)
  • Heart straws in cactus vase
  • Theme cookies
  • Bride straw and bride sunglasses
  • Bach Crew Pink Heart Sunglasses
  • Bach Themed Napkins
  • Three large pool floats, including Swan, Rainbow Lounger and Ring
Thank You Gift*:
  • Casamigos Tequila with Bride and Baches Branded shotglasses


*Purchaser Proof of legal age, Government ID required by separate email after purchase.


Mountains and Mimosas

The most unique bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure with a Mountains and Mimosas Bachelorette Theme Celebration in Scottsdale, Arizona. This unique experience captures the essence of outdoor vibes and majestic mountains. Indulge in our Mimosa Bar, Smores Bar, and Cupcake Tower, creating unforgettable memories amidst breathtaking scenery. Elevate your bridal celebration with Mountains and Mimosas, where every moment is crafted to perfection, ensuring an unparalleled experience that celebrates friendship and the beauty of nature.


Customize your bachelorette party experience with tailored packages that suit every budget

Better Than Basic B

For a memorable journey packed with fun and laughter, choose our Better Than Basic B package. Dive into these amazing inclusions:

Best Value in the Wild West

Photo Wall

Capture your joy against a glistening backdrop featuring a beautiful balloon arrangement and the glowing "She Said Yes!" neon sign.

Brides Sanctuary

Treat the bride with heartwarming gestures like bride-themed balloons and a welcoming kit with slippers, a delicate veil, and a bride sash.

Bachelorette Theme Decor

Turn your space into a Scottsdale sanctuary with theme-specific confetti, custom tumblers, enticing Scottsdale Bach cookies, and added novelties like a bride straw and stylish sunglasses. Complement the setting with coordinated napkins and a chic bandana.

Poolside Pleasures

Bask in opulence with two spacious FunBoy pool floats, enhancing your pool moments. Boost the ambiance with special add-ons such as the Champagne Wall, ideal for group photos complete with bubbles and elegant coupe glasses.

Boujee Bach

FOR THE LUXE LOVER! If premium is your preference, our Boujee Bach Experience is the perfect bachelorette package for you. Get everything from the Beyond Basic Bach package, and these unique touches:

What's Included

Boujee Crew Setup

Freeze time against a luxe backdrop, complete with a captivating balloon array. Highlight the boho tassel ambiance with a "Scottsdale" neon sign, setting your bachelorette destination apart. Sunglasses, tumblers and more the bride and her crew to enjoy.

Bride and Boujee

Heighten the bride's day with elite bride balloons, a dazzling veil, and a mini champagne bottle sparkling with edible glitter.

Elevated Decor

Enjoy the mountain vibes with the Smores Bar and sip on a mimosa with your crew. Our cupcake tower is on display featuring cupcakes from an award winning bakery.

A Bachelorette Theme Upgraded!

Enhance your celebration experience by incorporating some special features. Boost your selfie game with a ring light rental to achieve impeccable lighting. Craft unforgettable memories with a personalized welcome sign and vibrant balloons. To guarantee a fantastic weekend, indulge in our tailor-made hangover kits, thoughtfully designed for the bride and her entourage (up to 10 individuals) just in case your celebration goes later than expected.

Poolside Luxe

Celebrate poolside with three premium pool floats, featuring a Swan, Rainbow Lounger, and a Ring, introducing a touch of fantasy poolside.

Immerse in the Scottsdale Before The Veil Experience, making your bachelorette party truly iconic. Trust in Brides and Baches for impeccable details as you and your bridal party craft cherished memories in Scottsdale, Arizona’s vivacious ambiance.

Thank You Gift*

As a special thank you to you and your crew, delight in the luxurious touch of Casamigos Tequila, accompanied by branded shot glasses from Bride and Baches.

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Customer Reviews


This was the best theme! I couldn’t have asked for a cuter bachelorette party. Thank you so much for all your help!


I have never seen a theme like this, the smores bar was soo cute! The cupcakes were absolutely delicious and the mimosa bar was soo cute, very impressed with Brides and Baches.

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