Bachelorette Party Planning: How to build your itinerary

Plan the perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party with our itinerary guide. From brunches to activities and dinners, we've got you covered. Simplify your planning and create lasting memories for the bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Bach weekends are an awesome time to celebrate the gorgeous bride to be, and have a phenomenal trip away with friends. Planning the bachelorette itinerary can be overwhelming, but with this simple guide we’ll give you all the steps to follow for an amazing trip, and for the perfect Scottsdale bachelorette itinerary!

The bachelorette of your bestie’s dreams is coming up, and you’ve got a whole weekend to plan for her and the bach crew. Where to start? That’s where the Brides and Baches concierge is here to help! Here are the key things to consider when getting started on your planning, and if it’s all a bit too much to deal with, then just give us a call and we can take care of suggested itineraries and bookings for you.

Dream Bachelorette Wish List

First task is to figure out if there’s anything in particular the bride would like to do. Is she looking for an active bach, to get creative, a non-stop party, just chilling by the pool, or a little bit of everything? Is there any particular cuisine that she loves? Having that info should help make your life a little easier, and guide you on at least a couple of the activities you may wish to book, or restaurants.


Next step is to speak with the bach crew to decide on a reasonable budget that ensures no-one feels too much pressure, whilst still being able to give the bride a great experience. Once that’s agreed upon you can start looking into activities and restaurants. The question we get asked the most is “Does the Maid of Honor pay for everything?” This is very rarely the case, as expenses are typically shared among the bachelorette party attendees to ensure it’s convenient for everyone, especially the Bride and the Maid of Honor.

Bachelorette Party Dining Options

There are so many amazing options in Scottsdale for a Bachelorette Party brunch and dinner. We’ve listed some of our favorite places for bach brunches and dinners, that will be perfect for a group and covers a range a price points:

Alternative Dining Options

If you’re looking for something extra special, that also allows you to relax and enjoy an evening in your AirBnB, then a private chef experience is a great option. There are a number of fabulous private chefs in Scottsdale, with one of our faves being Chef William Turner and his team.

Locking It Down

Once you’ve decided on your proposed selection of activities and restaurants, then it’s time to reach out again to the bach crew with the proposed list and the cost. Maybe you agree on one main splurge that the group can do together, or are you going to treat the bride to a personal experience such as a massage? Are you going to do one dinner at a fancier restaurant and a table at a club? There is no wrong answer.

A Couple Of Things To Remember

You can purchase cute templates sites such as Etsy, or if you’re working with a bachelorette concierge such as Brides and Baches, ask them to detail your itinerary and print them for your arrival. 

Don’t forget to leave time in the itinerary for travel from/to the airport and checking into your airbnb. If you have time between your arrival and check-in at the airbnb, and/or between your checkout time from the airbnb and departing flights, then consider getting a baggage service to collect your bags and look after them for you. Much easier than having to bring them everywhere with you, especially when it’s hot out. We partner with Fetch Luggage, who provide reasonably priced and efficient service. 

For any activities happening outside of the AirBnB, include travel time and details of transport. 

If there are any specific dress codes or items that the bach crew need to bring with them, then it’s worth including those details as part of the itinerary. The easier you can make it, then the more likely you’ll have a smooth, and fabulous experience!

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