Bach 101: Your Essential Guide to Planning the Ultimate Bach Party

Planning the ultimate bach party. They put a ring on it, the wedding date is set, and before the flurry of excitement of the special day, the bride and her besties want to enjoy a last crazy weekend before the Miss becomes a Mrs. Here’s the Brides and Baches Bachelorette Party 101 to help you get started.

First things first, the Maid of Honor or bridesmaids are usually the ones responsible for arranging the party. So the best place for them to start is having a chat with the bride to figure out what her wishes are before planning the ultimate bach party.

Who do you invite to a bachelorette party?

The size of the group will help you when figuring out what your potential options are, as lodging and activities will be determined by the numbers. The guidelines for a bachelorette party guest list aren’t rigid, allowing flexibility in choices. Essentially, the bride-to-be can invite anyone she wishes to share her special celebration with, whether they’re bridesmaids, close friends, family, or other cherished individuals. It’s an ideal time to include friends who may not be part of the bridal party but hold significance in the bride’s life. It’s worth noting that bachelorette parties can be diverse, welcoming both male and non-binary guests if they’re among the bride’s inner circle. Naturally this goes without saying, but those who partake in the bachelorette festivities should also be on the wedding guest list unless of course it’s a small private affair.

What’s the bride's vibe and where is her dream Bach destination?

Is she looking to enjoy something local to her, a city escape, a weekend in the wilderness, or to relax by a pool? Does she want a weekend full of activities, relaxed and zen like, or a little bit of both? If she does want a destination party, then does she have anywhere in mind? Once you have the deets, you can then go about figuring out which location best suits her preferences, and check out date/flight options. 

Helpful hint:  Your Bach Party should be as stress-free as possible for the Bride. Depending on the bride’s preferences for her Bach location and time of year, choose locations that are known to have great weather year-round. Great options for anytime of year are Scottsdale, Austin, Palm Springs and Vegas. Other good options include Nashville, Miami, Ozarks and Napa. These destinations are all great and all provide their unique take and flair for bachelorette parties.

When's the best time to plan a bachelorette party?

Whilst this may be somewhat weather dependent, a good rule of thumb is to book the bachelorette party 1-2 months ahead of the wedding date. Ask the bride for a couple of dates that work for her around this time period, and then poll the Bach Crew on when works best for them. If you missed it, our helpful hint above provides some great ideas for locations that are perfect year-round.

Is a hotel or AirBnb better for a bach party?

Brides and Baches plan your perfect bachelorette dinner with Chef Will Turner.

For group bookings, we definitely recommend renting a vacation rental such as an AirBnb or VRBO so that the crew can all enjoy the weekend together hanging out at the property when you’re not out and about. It also helps with booking experiences such as a private chef, massage therapist etc, as you have a private place all to yourselves. 

If a hotel is the preferred option, then we definitely recommend including a suite in your booking so that the crew all have a place to hangout, play Bach games, and enjoy a drink before nights on the town. 

One key thing to take into account is how much are people willing to pay per night? So it is definitely important to ask the crew what their price ranges would be.

What bachelorette party theme should we have?

Scottsdale before the veil scottsdale bachelorette party theme backdrop by Brides and Baches.

This is where the fun really starts, deciding a theme for the bachelorette can add an extra touch of playfulness and fun to the experience. There are countless options to choose from whether you’re going for something that matches your destination, such as our Scottsdale Before the Veil, or Disco Cowgirl themes, or something that’s more about the vibe, such as Boho Bach or Viva La Bach. You may also want to create a theme specifically tailored to your bride and services such as ours can definitely help with the perfect theme. 

Planning on decorating yourself? Take into account the time and resources needed to decorate, shop around and don’t forget the little things like tape for the balloons and shopping for snacks and drinks.

What to schedule while on your Bach celebration?


Let Brides and Baches plan your next bachelorette bar crawl with Scottsdale Tractor.

Whilst this may initially be guided by the bride’s wish list, we recommend a nice balance between group activities out and about and relaxing at your accommodation. Great little adventures out and about could include spa sessions, exciting party adventures like at Scottsdale Tractor, party bikes, ATV tours, or a night at a club. Back at the vacation rental or hotel you can enjoy some downtime to just relax and unwind by a relaxing pool or playing some Bach party games. Even enjoying a private group class, like candle making, group yoga or a hat bar party, offers a wonderful opportunity to craft a keepsake for both the bride and her crew, capturing those awesome vibes you all shared together.

Dining options

If you’re looking to make brunch or dinner reservations, it’s good to ensure you include a mix of price points, so maybe one boujee dinner, and then a couple of fun but budget friendly brunches.  Based on the size of your group, the restaurants may have prix-fixe menus, but if not you may wish to ask them if they can provide a tailored menu at a set price. You may also want a private chef experience such as with the Popular Chef Will Turner, which is a great option if you’re staying at an airbnb, and want an experience entirely tailored to your group.

Helpful Tip: Not all restaurants offer seating for large groups. It is always a good idea to call all places you are planning on going to at least 2 months in advance to reserve a table. This is a great way to ensure you get a reservation regardless of any events or tourist seasons.

Working with a concierge service such as ours is a great way to speak with knowledgeable people in your travel destination to ensure you get the dining experiences your crew is looking for.

The Final Roundup

Now that you’ve got all the details sussed out, you can share the anticipated budget with the Bach Crew, and ask them to confirm their attendance. Ideally this will be done around four months before the bachelorette, so as to give you enough time to lock down your reservations, and the crew enough time to budget for the expense. Be sure to have a cut off date, after which if one of the crew cancels they are still on the hook for their part of the check. 

If you’re heading to Scottsdale, then our Brides and Baches’ Fairy Bachmother is here to take the hard work out of the equation for you with our fabulous concierge services. The most important thing is making some magical memories for the bride with her crew, so wherever you end up, we know it’ll be a weekend to treasure. 

Have more questions? We are happy to answer! We are here to create special moments so send us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

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